Luna Rosa – I In The Centre Of Pride

A quartet from Northamptonshire with the straight to the point charm of Shame and Fontaines D.C, Luna Rosa sound as if they should be rubbing shoulders with the best of the indie rock and punk worlds on ‘I In The Centre Of Pride’.

Instantly capturing with its nothing held back approach, ‘I In The Centre Of Pride’ speaks bold and angrily about war and its ability to strip youth of their lives and futures on all sides involved. Pointed towards the Bush and Blair period, Luna Rosa focus in on the shared anger of every 20-30 year old who would have been affected by the war on terror, hailing down a bombardment of mercilous guitar riffs that bellow and screech inbetween the noises emitted from Charlie Thorneycroft’s brutilistic chants.

Having sent all of the sales from their past single ‘Fear, Filth, Dirt & Death’ to the Grenfell tower victims, Luna Rosa are right on the edge of the UK working class and their traumas, fighting for equal treatment and for those in power to face justice. ‘I In The Centre Of Pride’ brings the disparity of social and financial economics in the UK to the forefront of their work, charging forward with their punk rock and the energy of a million strong protest, stating loud and clear, we’ve fucking had enough.

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