Girl Band – Going Norway

The malignant nature of Girl Band’s videography continues on strongly in the psychotic hypnosis of ‘Going Norway”s psychotherapy.

Trapped in a label of punk that covers their electronica undertones, Dublin’s Girl Band seize their own boisterous display of noise rock, manipulating and contorting every inch of their inner psyche to let loose a virus who’s trial period began with ‘Paul’. Sharper and more volatile in nature, ‘Going Norway’ acts as the not-so-unexpected successor to their most twisted thoughts, forever tempting the most inhumane responses to their terrifying video, bordering on a level of comfortability and comedic value that Anthony Hopkins brought to Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. The moment that ‘Going Norway’ scores its first laugh or smile out of you, is the point when Girl Band surpass even their own horrifyingly, chaotic levels.

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