Pelicandy – You and Me Baby

London’s Pelicandy delivers a complete nostalgia trip with the thumping 00’s indietronica of ‘You and Me Baby’.
Taking influence from the period of time where every indie group around looked just as awkward in Topman 2-£10 tees and drainpipe jeans as the last, but all of them could blast out killer synth hooks; for anyone who’s musical nirvana is caught between 2007 and 2012, Pelicandy are here to send you on the biggest nostalgia trip of all time. Straight off the bat ‘You and Me Baby’ rocks up with a seductive bassline, partnered with a skittish sound pad and synth hooks just creeping in, waiting for the right moment to deliver that goosebump-inducing chorus.

Once it hits, ‘You and Me Baby’ blasts off like the Klaxons fighting with Black Kids to see who wrote the best indie anthem of the late ’00s. Swirling around a history of Fifa soundtracks and tv adverts blasting synth riffs at you mercilessly; Pelicandy changes up their catchy sing-along chorus into a rapid-fire series of deep bass beats, warping back to the present for the wildest 3 minutes and 49 seconds you’ll of had for a while.

Pelicandy’s debut EP “Underlove” is out September 10th, with a launch at London’s The Waiting Room on the 18th.

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