What’s Good This Week #32

Bad Flamingo – Fire

Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth. Give Bad Flamingo two, and they’ll set your soul on ‘Fire’. The midnight sky rolling over the Wild West looms over ‘Fire’ as Bad Flamingo deliver a sultry display of sophisticated Americana, toying with R’n’B and western folk influences along the way. Utilising their disguises to delve into this deceiving seduction, ‘Fire’ casts Bad Flamingo as the Bonnie and Clyde of today’s Wild West, ready to rob you blind with their suave swagger.

Derelict Dream – Hearts

A rarity here on Velvet, Derelict Dream is a Brighton based progressive, death metal trio, who may spur a sudden interest for even those total unacquainted with the genre. Inspired by groups such as Meshuggah, Derelict Dream cast a level of restraint and precision on ‘Hearts’ that is rare to see in any genre. Blasting through bass riffs that will leave the dirtiest of reactions, while cycling through sweet melodic guitar hooks in-between, the vocals on ‘Hearts’ dip in and out of momentous, classic rock to aggressive death screams, utilising each style throughout perfectly. The attentiveness on balancing out their aggression is reason enough to listen, regardless of your opinion of metal.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Love Forever

Letting rock be rock, allowing their guitars to breathe and emit the level of emotion that you wish every track would, Welsh group Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard bring it back to the earlier era of rock n roll on ‘Love Forever’. Waves of crunchy guitar hooks cycle through old amplifiers, as the sepia tone of a Sony U-Matic casts a vision of a group from the 70’s caught in a candid moment of unfiltered joy, creating music that feeds the soul and lets the mind wander away on the delicate waves of ‘Love Forever.

LIONLION – Language

Based in the south of Germany, LIONLION flutters around Germany’s BAUHAUS style buildings, utilising the minimalist style to direct the vision of their music. ‘Language’ centres itself on the notion of communication almost in a cold war situation, with both sides united but ready to strike at any moment. A clash of indie rock and pop, fight it out for superiority, with a nod to the early ’00s, as ‘Language’ features twins Matthias and Michael literally fighting it out, before coming to the realisation that indie rock-pop is the way to go (and that violence is never the answer).

KERA – Vitamin T

A whole host of situations arise the moment that KERA begins to chime away on ‘Vitamin T’, as the simple charm of it’s indie-folk sound allows the imagination to run wild. A song to welcome in an arduous journey now complete, or a final hurrah for a long-running TV series that ends on an emotional high point, ‘Vitamin T’ burns like a glorious night time fire, both warm and welcoming, allowing a sense of joy and unity to overcome even the most downtrodden of listeners.


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