What’s Good This Week #34

From the return of Bombay Bicycle Club, to the death of a relationship from The Drives, resilience, love and unity are focal points for What’s Good This Week.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)

“In 2016, the UK was rocked by a seismic event. Bombay Bicycle Club went on indefinite hiatus. Without their music, British society crumbled.” The London group handle their return to life as Bombay Bicycle Club with humour and humility on the video for ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)’, as all members are shown individually, performing, praying and leading their own lives before frontman Jack Steadman burns all of his equipment, signalling Jamie MacColl, Suren de Saram and Ed Nash to reunite and save the UK.

Aztek – Delirious

Danish rockers Aztek shared their track ‘Delirious’ just over a couple weeks ago now, a distorted call to the unknown realms of indie/-post-punk. With a melody that sounds like indie-folk, then drenched in a plethora of other subgenres of indie and post-punk; distortion and reverb fill ‘Delirious’ with a delicate shoegaze edge, as Aztek create a lullaby for those terminally cast in black and white yet see nothing but vibrant colour.

Zooni – A Flat

Brighton art pop band Zooni combine meticulously layered piano and guitar hooks for an expansive take on dark, indie pop with ‘A Flat’. Fans of Colouring, Young British Artists or The Howl & The Hum will be right at home with ‘A Flat’, as barren expanses mutate into bountiful soundscapes, rich with layered sounds of echoing piano keys and rolling guitar hooks that never peak beyond a whisper but sound like a mighty roar. A perfect example of how to make subdued minimalism feel loud and exciting.

The Drives – No More Romance

So, The Drives sent me a song back in June, which immediately got me excited to share them on here. Unfortunately that song is being kept in the vaults for a while, but ‘No More Romance’ emerged instead, a jubiliant capturing of a not-so jubilant moment in life. Capturing the ending of a relationship and an unwilligness when it’s over, ‘No More Romance’ brings with it the hyperbolic-melancholly of a failed relationship, masking heartache with momentous, jangly guitars that keep the tears at bay and instead invoke the joy and fun of the summer months just gone.

Veronica Fusaro – Rollercoaster

Swiss artist Veronica Fusaro proved a hit at this years Glastonbury festival, and her latest release ‘Rollercoaster’ continues to elevate the charm and soul of her multi-faceted folk styling. A steady sway of Italian folk, soul and Americana can be found resonating from ‘Rollercoaster’ as Fusaro depicts the rollercoaster ride of love, bursting with a joyous and upbeat tone that the swiss artist surprised herself, yet feels completely natural.

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