What’s Good This Week #35

The birth of two future pop stars, alongside a serenade of gorgeous folk, whimsical pop and quiet grrrl punk, that’s all on What’s Good This Week.

Julia Bhatt – Tall

New up and comer Julia Bhatt is setting her standards incredibly high from the word go, sharing the grooving, Latin-pop rhythms of ‘Tall’.  While her lyrics focus on subconscious issues with her height, Bhatt’s deep and soulful vocals, carried across waves of jazz and Latin fuelled pop, show a teen who is full of insane potential. Inspired by the music that her parents listened to while she was a young child, ‘Tall’ takes the rock influences of Bhatt’s mother and the steady yacht rock sound from her father, to create an illustrious pop song that is as carefree as the sea breeze.

Split Screens – Back Again

Personal redemption follows Split Screens on ‘Back Again’, a swooping display of autumnal folk that’s perfectly suited for the impending, colder nights ahead. The project of San Francisco’s Jesse Cafiero, ‘Back Again’ is a soft and warm display of indie-folk, adopting broader approaches instead of angular, narrative-driven songwriting. Cafiero’s style allows for a shared understanding to be reached, all while letting every individual find their own meaning and sense of self within ‘Back Again’, nestling into the warm embrace of Cafiero’s indie-folk style.

Pizzagirl – dennis

Taken from his upcoming “First Timer” LP, Liverpool’s Pizzagirl shares the delightfully strange tale of the man who stole your girl, ‘dennis’. Regressing back to the sound of “An Extended Play”, Pizzagirl hits overload on the nostalgia effect on ‘dennis’ crossing his love of 80’s synth-pop with his own beginning back in 2018. A catchy hook and clap/sing/tap along beat reminds us why we fell in love with Pizzagirl in the first place and why we’ll never let ‘dennis’ steal us away from him.

Pom Pom Squad – Heavy Heavy

So Pom Pom Squad is cool as fuck. Period. ‘Heavy Heavy’ is taken from their recently released “Ow” EP and is a crunchy grunge number that would have been the soundtrack for every ‘alternative’ girl from any 90’s film. The Brooklyn based group throw a host of heavy riffs at you, as frontwoman Mia goes from monotonic vocals to feral screams, depicting mental health issues as commonalities that should be addressed and not trivialised to mean suicidal, with the line “I’m feeling heavy, heavy, doesn’t mean I want to fucking die”.

JayWood – Moon Cats 

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadian artist JayWood began creating ‘sad jangle pop songs’ before moving into his current state of psych-funk, lucid in movement and drenched in chilled out vibes. ‘Moon Cats’ brings gentle, friendly vibes to the mix, as electronic grooves get loose and dreamy, before transcending into a star-filled sky at the moment of supernova, bursting with colour and awe-inspiring sound.

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