What’s Good This Week #36

Changing old monikers for new names, unearthing a gem from early this year and a track from one of the few bands I’ve kept to myself unintentionally, it’s a mixed bag this week, which means there’s bound to be something for everyone to get lost in on What’s Good This Week.

Ashley Morgan – Seaweed and Algaes

Previously producing under the moniker of LTGL, Belgium artist Ashely Morgan is now using his own name to share tales of his life, as well as rapping and singing for the first time on his own work. ‘Seaweed and Algaes’ finds Morgan reaching out of his comfort zone, trialling his own voice with his work, with an expectedly sophisticated array of DIY dream-pop, hip-hop and r&b beats that sway from Frank Ocean, to Andre 3000 or Loyle Carner. Morgan’s vocals flow completely naturally and unless told, it wouldn’t even have crossed your mind that this was his first take at utilising his own voice.

Just Mustard – October

So this one is from back in May, so late to the party, but oh my will you be happy I stumbled across them. Girl Band fans may already be aware of Just Mustard (how I actually found them), being a fellow Irish group, hailing from Dundalk. ‘October’ is somewhat of a darker taste of Just Mustard’s sound, as they tend to flutter around gothic, dark-pop and industrial-inspired atmospheric rock. ‘October’s opens with an echoing bass note and pounded drum, allowing Katie Ball to begin her satanic chanting before unleashing what sounds like machines devouring other machines. It’s chaotic and takes you completely by surprise, and is a swirling, distorted torture chamber of gothic, industrial rock, truly excellent stuff.

Bull – Love Goo

A York-based four-piece, Bull is one of a few names that I’ve had on my Spotify for a good while now, but for whatever reason, have never actually got round to sharing on Velvet. Well, today’s the day to break this chain with their latest track ‘Love Goo’. Talking about the real truth between two people, ‘Love Goo’ candidly acknowledges the world created by two people coming together, as one and one make two, forming a new understanding whether romantically or platonically. It’s a fuzzy, VHS filmed track that feels like a piece of your childhood reemerging, sending a warm, nostalgic vibe to make your day just that bit brighter.


Next up, is Russian producer KLEBITZ, who could challenge Benny Boeldt with his bizarre electronica storytelling. KLEBITZ says that Пчёлы (The Bees in English), details Winnie The Pooh attempting to steal honey from the bees, detailing his quest along the way. Ultimately, Пчёлы aims to convey a sense of reaching out for what you want, letting loose and being uninhibited, regardless of wherever you’re Winnie The Pooh reaching for honey. KLEBITZ rather excellently details this entire story through rapping, sharp electronic slices and siren/alarm klaxons chiming away as Пчёлы progresses. It’s absolutely insane but sounds like total genius once Пчёлы reaches its middle point.

Rahh – Home

Manchester born and London based, Rahh is a deep-pop artist, who utilises her work to share personal messages about every day occurences, breathing new life into the pop world. ‘Home’ commentates on the isolation that can be felt in an overly engaging world, as Rahh simplifies the saturated nature of modern life, ultimately asking if anyone is here to be alongside her in real life. Rahh truly hits the hammer on the head with ‘Home’, without relying on over the top productions audially or visually to carry her message across; allowing her music to be impactful while flowing calmly with a direct message.

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