What’s Good This Week #37

We’ll back to Wednesdays next week, but for now, what’s good has been a whole host of previously featured artists, all bigger and bolder than ever, alongside a couple new names to Velvet for good measure.

Dead Naked Hippies – Eyes Wide

Placed on our list of acts to see at this year’s Live at Leeds festival, Dead Naked Hippies surpassed the expectations and on their new single ‘Eyes Wide’, the trio are as impressive as ever. A three minute belter channeling the electric energy of Band Of Skulls, ‘Eyes Wide’ is a snarling piece of rambunctious rock, readily loaded with heavy hitting riffs. Lucy Jowett gives off another blazing display of her ferocious vocals, featuring a nod to the distorted rock of the 90’s, as the Leeds group set alight the path to 2020.

Oyster Kids – Give In

The L.A. four piece are on an increasingly strong run of big hitting singles, now sharing ‘Give In’ and its wavey atmospheric pop. A song about accepting yourself and letting others in, Oyster Kids continue on with the deeper meaning behind their current wave of singles, as ‘Give In’ embraces the lucid and free flowing vibes of dream-pop styles, taking the fading sun over the Pacific Ocean as a centerpiece to this luscious pop track.

Plaza – Bolostitcher

The second single from the Hartlepool rockers this year, following ‘Hold’, the four piece share the lead single ‘Bolostitcher’ from their upcoming “Wernotplaza II” EP. A look into the desolate world of self-doubt and feeling lost, ‘Bolostitcher’ delivers the most “straight to the point lyrics” Plaza have shared to date, states vocalistBrad Lennard. The gradual rise that Plaza always delivers remains, as the boys collect their repeating riffs and droning vocals to finish off with a thunderous display of indie-math rock that Foals would be envious of.

HMLTD – Loaded

(Epilepsy warning for this one). Opening up the video to ‘Loaded’ with the ancient Greek writing of: tell me o muse, of that ingenious rock band who sold out and got absolutely loaded”, HMLTD are clearly done with caring about anyones opinon. ‘Loaded’ comes fit to burst with attitude, guitars and the new formation of Jared Leto-esque eccentricness, claiming “I sold my soul to devil, because I was pretty fucking bored”. Because what else would you do when your bored, aside from listen to HMLTD?

Munky – Megaton

Irish rockers Munky shared the Fallout 3 inspired ‘Megaton’ today, and it’s honestly worth pausing “The Talkies” to be absorbed by this instead. Focusing on global inactivity to the ever-impending nightmare that is global warming, ‘Megaton’ rises much like the worlds attitude to the world changing event over the last few years. Steadily rising with a muttering undertone, that changes into a solo shout, carried by the creeping guitar riffs behind it, ‘Megaton’ reaches the assembly and anger of 2019’s protests towards its ending moments. With a blistering display of ferocious guitars and vocals that scream fucking do something! ‘Megaton’ is a must for punk, alt-rock and global warming protesters the world over.

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