Thyla – Two Sense

Millie, Mitch, Dan and Danny returned last week with ‘Two Sense’, the follow up to their triumphant debut EP, “What’s On Your Mind?” and their first new music since January.

With their UK tour beginning this week, and plans for 2020 already underway, Thyla seem set on causing a fuss at the beginning of every year now. ‘Two Sense’ comes fully loaded with the fuzzy, dreamy post-punk that Thyla is now well acquainted with, charging grunge together with bellowing pop music, with Millie Duthie standing front and centre as the unstoppable force that she always has been.

Speaking about ‘Two Sense’, Thyla explains: “It’s about claiming your right to self-determination, standing up for your art and finding the confidence to take charge of your future”. After a prolonged hiatus, Thyla appears completely in charge on ‘Two Sense’, with an unshakeable level of confidence that never ceases to amaze.

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