What’s Good This Week #41

Saltwater Sun sound virtually untouchable with their latest effort; Guildford’s Marble Empire makes a welcomed return to Velvet and Indoor Fins releases the most epileptically triggering video ever (the song itself is a belter though). Plus a couple more tracks from Wildfront and Seazoo to round up What’s Good This Week.

Saltwater Sun – Mouthbreather

Everyone should’ve been scared of Saltwater Sun’s potential when they dropped their “The Great Deceiver” mini-EP earlier this year. Now on ‘Mouthbreather’, the Reading group sound unbeatable. An ode to those who piss you off, ‘Mouthbreather’ is an open-air rant about the annoyances in your everyday life that takes human form. It’s crass, cutthroat edge sound feels unstoppable, as Jen Stearnes sneers her way through the group’s most relatable and powerful single yet.

Marble Empire – Crumble

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve featured Marble Empire’s Matt Berry, having last reported on ‘TTSU’ and it’s behemoth house stylings. On ‘Crumble’, the Guildford artist sounds drastically more focused, with a closer resemblance to the likes of Tom Misch or HONNE with a steady stream of chilled house-pop beats. However, Marble Empire still throws in a healthy dose of wavey drops and hypnotic synths to appease the desire for some super slick beats.

Indoor Fins – Here It Goes

*EPILEPSY WARNING* (Audio only link included).

So first of all, major epilepsy warning on this one (cannot stress this enough), secondly, ‘Here It Goes’ slaps. Indoor Fins is the project of Timothy Nelson, with ‘Here It Goes’ taken from his debut EP “Amber Arcade” (out November 11th). A nod to the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd and Tame Impala, with crunchy guitar riffs that sound like a Korg being shoved through a meat grinder ‘Here It Goes’ is an expansive take on psychedelia, pop and noise-pop, all thrown together recklessly yet producing amazing results.

Wildfront – Bloom

If ‘Bloom’s 80’s synth hook doesn’t immediately sell it to you, then I don’t know what will. Nashville’s Wildfront sing about the moment lust turns into love on ‘Bloom’, a beautifully dreamy piece of ’80s tinged synth-pop, carried away on a bed of synths that are begging to be played on repeat. There’s an endless supply of replayability on ‘Bloom’, much like how love feels when that magical moment arises when simple attraction turns into something much more detailed and focused.

Seazoo – Heading Out

A love song capturing the nerves and excitement that fills you up when meeting someone you like, ‘Heading Out’ is the latest single from Welsh indie-poppers Seazoo. For those new to Seazoo, think of Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? and Superfood clashing at a 90’s throwback cover party, and you’d be super close. There’s an air of nostalgia and unfiltered joy on ‘Heading Out’ with choppy riffs thrown at you throughout, warped within an inch of their life, as the ’90s get finely tuned through the carefree sound of 2010’s indie-pop.

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