Tallsaint – Model Effect

Leeds’ Tallsaint is back, following her “Hard Love” EP, with the high fashion styling of ‘Model Effect’. Debuted during her show at Leeds’ Oporto last month, alongside another new single yet to be released, Louisa Osborn’s love of the ’00s is clearer than ever on ‘Model Effect’. A reflection on “how you can take a first look at somebody and be instantly fascinated and engrossed by them”, ‘Model Effect’ brings with it a full-scale fashion show, bursting with the dramatics of both the catwalk and behind the scenes.

Filled with pulsating synths, popping playful, while sharp electro-rave beats, cut through the light, upbeat sound of Tallsaint’s electro-pop; ‘Model Effect’ feels like the finale of an Alexander McQueen show. Tallsaint is fully committed to sharing her love of the ’00s in her music, yet her take on this style of pop becomes even more exciting with every release, with ‘Model Effect’ marking yet another engrossing release from the Leeds artist.

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