Ørmstons – Love

Ørmstons are finally back! Following previous single ‘Can’t Take Your Call’, the Yorkshire based group take a deeper look into the world of love, quick infatuation and harsh realisations.

Having dropped out of Bingley Weekender due to mental health issues back in September, Ørmstons vocalist Jess Huxham may not be 100% now, but if ‘Love’ and Ørmstons performance, supporting Thyla back in October, have anything to say about it, this Yorkshire powerhouse has a whole lot of fight left inside her. Whether she’s calmly questioning love, or climbing on top of amplifiers and hitting her head on the ceiling, Huxham appears unafraid by the notion of putting yourself out there.

‘Love’ plays it cool; as Huxham sways between chilled melodies, rocking back and forth between the comforting lulls of Bob O’Hare’s guitar and Jamie Styles’ silky smooth bass riffs, asking “are we in love or is this just attraction”? Ørmstons embrace the thought of anxiously questioning the sincerity of a relationship, while attempting to play it cool, especially during the early stages of new romances.

‘Love’ brings with it a calmness that isn’t rooted in confidence but relief, achieving that moment when the weight in your stomach suddenly disappears and it feels like you can breathe again. It’s more than understandable as to why they’ve been away for so long, but it’s great to see Huxham and co back on their way.

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