What’s Good This Week #43

Female-fronted and proudly so, this week we’ve got some familiar faces as The Naked And Famous return with ‘Sunseeker’ and our consistent favourites Thyla, announce their second EP, alongside ‘Lenox Hill’.

The Naked And Famous – Sunseeker

Auckland indie-poppers The Naked And Famous strike gold with their returning single, ‘Sunseeker. Inspired by frontwoman Alisa Xayalith’s love for her dog, ‘Sunseeker’ conveys the sense of joy and overwhelming love that can unexpectedly arrive in your life, but once it’s there, you’d never want to let go of it. On ‘Sunseeker’, TNAF, now comprised of Xayalith and starting member Thom Powers, are at their most subtle, glazing over their reverb-infused electro-pop with quick snaps, vocal manipulations and minute synth hooks. The duo gives ‘Sunseeker’ all the air it needs to breathe, allowing Xayalith’s storytelling to be the centre of attention, making it a totally feel-good knockout.

Thyla – Lenox Hill

Alongside the announcement of their second EP “Everything At Once”, which is out January 24th, Brighton’s Thyla have shared the psych infused, grunge-pop dream ‘Lenox Hill’. Frontwoman Millie Duthie, who was born in NYC hospital Lenox Hill, later moving to the UK, explains Lenox Hill’s theme of “realising you’re lost and deciding to go back to your roots to find the way again”. Filled with the grunge-pop style we know and love from Thyla, there’s an essence of ‘Higher Than The Sun’ by Peace to ‘Lenox Hill’, carrying that weight of a changing tide, with something massive waiting to consume you in the near distance.

Oddnesse – Lover’s Calling

Until Oddnesse released ‘Donut Shop’ a couple months back, it appeared as though Rebeca Arango had put Oddnesse on halt. But, now with follow up ‘Lover’s Calling’, the LA duo are back and better than ever. With a gorgeous synth hook that runs throughout, Arango goes into her vivid storytelling mode, sharing her tales of numbness shifting into inspired reawakenings, crafting an illustrious display of pristine pop music that will never grow old.

Shaylee – Piss Dirt

A “trans-working-class ballad, about living in a body that doesn’t feel like your own”; Portland’s Shaylee, spearheaded by Elle Archer, has crafted a sublime piece of fuzzy, 21st century pop on ‘Piss Dirt’. The immediate influx of reverb and effects drenched vocals, screams signature teen-early-adulthood angst; with a nod to Ezra Furman, Salvia Palth or Teen Suicide. Elle Archer marks herself as a voice for a new generation who’s self-identity and being happy, is far more important than career aspirations or fitting in, that which previous generations were screaming about for far too long.

The Mowgli’s – Fighting With Yourself

Californian five-piece The Mowgli’s are back, with the feel-good vibes of ‘Fighting With Yourself’. Focused on accepting change and not fighting against the tide, The Mowgli’s, alongside their fans, release wave after wave of feel-good ’90s pop-punk vibes, blasting a series of made for jumping riffs and a chorus that is destined for crowd-only sing-alongs. The Mowgli’s just want everyone to stop fighting, embrace change and feel good, so I’m in.

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