Guest Singer – FOMO

Doncaster’s dark-pop trio Guest Singer, share new sad-banger FOMO, a cynical look into online living.

Guest Singer is comprised of frontman Jake Cope, bassist France Lahmar and guitarist Paul Burdett, who put together a stellar live show, all centred around dark, self-loathing, contradictory synth-pop and Cope’s dazzling silver jacket. ‘FOMO’, in itself is a concept any Instagram user will be aware of. The ‘Fear Of Missing Out’, ties into the idea of “Your Life Looks Better Than Mine”, which Cope sails away on, with spiralling synth hooks riding a guise of upbeat, electro-pop, hiding the melancholic, down-beat reality of Cope’s lyricism.  

Speaking of the track, Cope stated that “the music is for those having a good day, the words are for those that aren’t”. ‘FOMO’ captures the dark captivating sound of White Lies, Hurts or Boniface, balancing their melancholic selves with a glossy fake exterior, luring you in with joyous synths, before you fall deeply for the relevance of Guest Singer’s stories.

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