Boniface – Keeping Up

The Canadian artist announces his debut self-titled LP, alongside new cut ‘Keeping Up’.

Having toured extensively with White Lies as well as joining them for their 10 year anniversary tour; Winnipeg’s Boniface is at a pivotal point in their career where taking a moment is no longer an option, now amassing to their debut LP finally being announced after 2-3 years worth of singles. ‘Keeping Up’, brings with it Boniface’s signature, glistening synth-pop style, now seasoned with the bountiful atmosphere of White Lies anthemic indie rock; cautiously creeping in before exploding into a euphoric display of aspirational pop.

Influenced by his high school friends and the realisation of personal baggage being something that everyone has, Boniface captures this harsh reality with a warming embrace. Pushing through towards his aspirational future of the current day, Boniface is no longer that high schooler getting drunk in a basement with his friends, but one of the most exciting artists of the late ’10s.

“Boniface” is out February 14th 2020.