What’s Good This Week #46

The last What’s Good for 2019 (don’t worry, it’ll be back in the new year), we’re blasting ambient, upbeat pop at you left right and center.

NoMBe – Paint California

NoMBe returns with the first taste of his second LP, sharing ‘Paint California’, an upbeat, sun-drenched summer anthem in waiting. Taken from the LA artist’s upcoming second LP “CHROMATOPIA”, a “more upbeat LP” than his debut, ‘Paint California’ begins NoMBe’s journey into this new world, stating: “Lyrically, it’s an exaggerated way of saying I’d give it all to you… it’s about offering someone the world”. Bringing this upbeat, summery sound to ‘Paint California’, NoMBe’s already giving notice that the ’20s are going to be full of flare and excitement if he has anything to do with it.

City Park – Remedy

Amsterdam duo City Park, look towards creating a ‘Remedy’ for those nights you hope will turn into something that never does. “It’s about looking for a remedy for regretful nights.” Saux and Sjaak shared, as ‘Remedy’ rises towards several moments of inspiration, before gradually cooling down into the cool, chilled out vibes of slacking dream-pop, capturing the hopeful mood of uneventful parties turning into moments to remember. Unlike these disappointing parties, City Park turns this chilled out consistency into a grooving display of charming dream-pop, rising above the line of hopefulness and surpassing into greatness.

JORDANN – Café Speed

Montreal’s JORDANN released a funk fuelled, ’80s vibing track last month titled Café Speed, the lead single from his upcoming EP ”Connecting Visitors to Fun”, out in February next year. With a keytar being the star of ‘Café Speed’, the grooving essence of JORDANN’s ’80s style is inescapable, swirling around a roller rink with the sensual charm of every ’80s Hollywood heartthrob imaginable. Shifting from grooving ’80s to dreamy 00’s bedroom pop, ‘Café Speed’ is a must for DIY pop fans.

Matthew S feat. Cucina Sonora – Bounce

Italian producer Matthew S collaborated with Cucina Sonora on his recent release Bounce, combining ambient electronica together with classical instrumentation. With a focus on musical equilibrium between electronica and classical styles; ‘Bounce’ traverses through the ebb and flow of ambient electronica, carrying momentality before dispersing into the calming affect of striking pianos, accompanied by a beautifully shot, mirror imaged video shifting between bustling city shots and silencing expanses of nature.

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