What’s Good This Week #47

It’s 2020! A whole new decade for music is just about to begin, so we’re taking one last look back at 2019, and the final few tracks of the year that were on repeat.

Thyla – December

Taken from their upcoming “Everything At Once” EP, which is out next month, Brighton’s Thyla delivered a delightfully delicate performance with ‘December’. Vocalist Millie Duthie emits a soft croon under the watchful guise of Danny Southwell’s drumming and Mitch Duce’s steady guitar hook before Thyla unleashes their inner beast that we’ve come to love. Sending a vortex of shoegaze delights, clustering Duthie’s vocals together with Duce’s spiralling guitar hooks, ‘December’ turns into an overloaded hurricane, awe-inspiring and equally destructive at the same time.

Llovers – Do You Know

Our favourite Teesiders shared their “Things That I Don’t Understand” EP last month, with ‘Do You Know’ the last single to be taken from it. A nod to late ’00s indie pop, Llovers shared a pop banger destined for the most iconic stages throughout the UK, rising underneath the lights of Gorilla, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut or The Cluny like the seasoned professionals that Llovers are becoming.

Hinds – Riding Solo

The Spanish four-piece returned following their 2018 LP, “I Don’t Run”, with the mellifluous beat of ‘Riding Solo’. Being on the road and away from loved ones has proven to be Hinds most difficult obstacle since they achieved global acclaim in 2014, but their sense of loneliness has only ever grown into ferocious pop music that fills listeners with joy, something the Spanish group now have mastered.

Far Caspian – July

Forever the pessimist, Far Caspian’s Joel Johnston demonstrated his production skills at their best, with the euphoric, dreamy sounds of ‘July’. Centred around not being present in conversation because of the worries filling your mind, Johnston and co utilise their ‘melanjholic’ sound on ‘July’, combining a steady stream of gorgeous indie, bedroom pop with the chilling embrace of winter’s coldest nights.

Fanclub – Trespassing

The Austin based trio is as dazzling and ferocious as ever on ‘Trespassing’, a continuation of their magnificent brand of dreamy, indie pop. On their latest effort, Fanclub brings together the elegance of their dream-pop sound, together with the rash, fast-paced action of their indie rock influences, ripping out synth hooks and guitar riffs nonstop for a beautifully fierce performance.

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