What’s Good This Week #48

It’s officially 2020 as the new music has begun to pour out from all over. We’ve one last 2019 track as it was buried underneath the storm that is December, but it’s a banger trust.

Death of Heather – In Me

Kicking off this week’s What’s Good, is Bangkok four-piece Death of Heather, with their illustrious new track ‘In Me’. A side project of guitarist Tay, Death of Heather wrap together simple bedroom pop with world-altering shoegaze. Caught somewhere between My Bloody Valentine on a come-down while DIIV sit in the corner jamming away crafting dreamy lullabies, ‘In Me’ reveals Death of Heather to be secret masterminds of the shoegaze-bedroom-dreampop world of genres and Bangkok’s best-kept secret from the Western world.

Georgia – 24 Hours

If you’ve yet to catch the hype from the BBC or her collaboration with Hot Chip to further hold acclaim to the talent that is Georgia, then the synth-pop artist will surely hit your radar with ’24 Hours’. Rapid, glittery synth-pop that takes influence from synth-pops biggest artists, Georgia is a total powerhouse all on her own and ’24 Hours’ is another banger in the bag for the Londoner.

Thrillhouse – One of These Days

Brighton’s Thrillhouse released their first single ‘One of These Days last year in December, but you’ll forgive me once you press play for the “old material”. A steady builder starting out with gasping synths and tropical drums, Thrillhouse lure you in instantly as ‘One of These Days’ turns from a gradually building steady pop track into a boisterous behemoth, ready with erratic guitar riffs and grooving bass hooks, rolling around in a funk-fuelled plethora of pristine indie-pop.

STRØM – Last Try

Hailing from Värmdö just off the coast of Stockholm, Swedish producer STRØM marks his second ever release with ‘Last Try’. Centred around a collection of poignant synths, echoing as if STRØM recorded in total isolation; ‘Last Try’s aspiration for love and companionship is met with a cold breeze of highly-strung synths, beautifully capturing the battle between the red and blue flames of love.

The Mowgli’s – Wasting Time

Previously featured on What’s Good, The Mowgli’s are back with another slice of new material in the form of ‘Wasting Time’. With its video of post-relationship depression and the tumultuous journey towards getting back to normal, ‘Wasting Time’ shows you the worst parts about relationships. However, The Mowgli’s come full force behind you like your own private cheering section, with their aspirational pop-rock providing that push to kick start, whether it be because “new year, new me” or because your life is looking a lot like the video. The Mowgli’s are here as per, to get the umph back in your life.

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