The New Artist List 2020

Wondering who Velvet is setting up to take over 2020? This may potentially be the strongest set of artists we’ve ever picked, with a Leeds takeover that shows no signs of stopping. So get stuck in, into your class of 2020!

Charlotte Adigéry

Representing: Belgium

Genre: Euro-Caribbean electro

Social: Facebook, @charlotteadigery

She’s currently got her track ‘Patenipat’ featured on the trailer for “The New Pope” and had a major breakout year in 2019 thanks to her “Zandoli” EP, a five-track masterpiece of intriguing, electronica tinged with Caribbean rhythms and European pop. The French-born, Belgian artist is no newcomer having performed under the moniker WWWater previously, but under the name Charlotte Adigéry, this wig changing, eccentric natured electro artist is a force to be reckoned with.

Dead Naked Hippies

Representing: Leeds

Members: Lucy, Joe and Jacob

Genre: Punk

Social: Facebook, @deadnkdhippies

The first group from Leeds here and a fantastic one at that, Dead Naked Hippies embody the grittier side of one of Yorkshire’s biggest cities, spewing toxic punk that packs far more than a punch. Advocating for mental health issue treatment and understanding, this new phase of punk which revolves around self-love and being pissed off that it’s difficult to do so is something Dead Naked Hippies excel at and will find them safely placed as a new favourite for punks everywhere.


Representing: Berlin, Germany

Members: Sedric and Aaron

Genre: Disco-pop, pop, funk.

Social: Facebook, @fhatmusic

FHAT may have released some of the best pop music of the last decade in 2019. Actually, they did, no hesitation required. ‘Packin’ is the finest example of what Sedric and Aaron are capable of; turning gender norms and stereotypes on their head, utilising their insatiable funk-fuelled pop music to challenge boundaries in pop music and in everyday life. ‘One Night At The Disco’ and ‘She Can’t Love You’ are essential releases to fully get into the rhythm of FHAT, but be careful, they slap real hard!


Representing: California, L.A.

Members: Shahana and Joey

Genre: Folk & alternative indie

Social: Facebook, @junacomusic

Undoubtedly the most beautiful EP released last year, on “Awry”, Junaco traversed the world on a train caught in perpetual twilight, softly lit with the emboldened colours of sunset, made solely for getting lost window gazing to soothing folk. ‘In Between’ and ‘Willow’ are the standout tracks of Junaco’s 2019, the first a delicate balance of sophisticated folk and well-placed pop melodies and the latter, a sweeping gale that will lead you on the path to a glorious discovery. That of Junaco’s sensational folk music.


Representing: Leeds, Yorkshire

Members: Jess, Will, Bob and Jamie

Genre: Indie rock

Social: Facebook, @whoareRAE

Formally known as Ørmstons, RAE was one of the best live bands I saw last year and will make 2020 theirs, no questions asked. Vocalist Jess is an absolute powerhouse, belting notes out that you could only dream of being able to hold for half the time she can. Blasting full force indie rock with gentle incisions of smooth, festival-ready sing-alongs. If RAE is performing in a city near you this year, get a ticket.

Saltwater Sun

Representing: Reading

Members: Jennifer, Dan, Ben, Rob and Joel

Genre: Indie rock

Social: Facebook, @saltwtrsun

Much to my annoyance, Saltwater Sun are not one of the biggest bands in the UK, but hopefully, 2020 will be the year when this begins to change. They’ve been building up tremendous hype for the last few years now, but 2019 saw them release the magnificent ‘Blood’, their “The Great Deceiver” EP and the snarling attitude-filled ‘Mouth Breather’. They’ve shown they can do everything you’d want from an indie rock group, so it’s more a question of why the fuck have these guys not taken over yet?


Representing: Leeds

Katie, Calum, Tim, Charlotte, Tom and Jake

Genre: Indie folk

Social: Facebook, @talkboyyy

A six-piece and the biggest group on this list, Talkboy are already on their way to a tremendous 2020, securing ‘All Works Out’ on coverage of the Premier League last year, which could lead to a coveted spot on a future FIFA playlist, where acts such as Billie Eilish, NoMBe and Sea Girls have found their music on. Their array of charming indie-folk is something to experience uninterrupted, possibly while wandering through a mystical forest or just on your way to the shops; Talkboy’s effervescent charm is their USP and what will secure them a successful 2020.


Representing: Leeds

Genre: Electro-pop

Social: Facebook, @iamtallsaint

So there’s a bit of bias with picking Tallsaint as me and my partner are here #1 fans (no arguments, it’s the T). Louisa Osborn and her love of ’00s pop music filled 2019 with banger after banger, with ‘Warm Skin’ earning her the #2 spot on Velvet’s Song List and the #14 spot for her “Hard Love” EP on our Album List. Her most recent track (to date) ‘Model Effect’ is a dance-worthy, synth-pop belter that has found its way onto the Radio 1 playlist, so it seems that Tallsaint is a name on everyone’s list already this year.

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