Gengahr – Never A Low

Taken from their upcoming LP “Sanctuary”, Gengahr rip open their guitar-driven style and hit experiment with ‘Never A Low’.

Moving on from their second LP “Where Wilderness Grows”, Gengahr have displayed something familiar with ‘Everything & More’, something looser and funk-influenced on ‘Heavenly Maybe’, and now something completely different for the Hackney group on ‘Never A Low’.

There’s some major weight behind Gengahr’s experimentation on their latest track, with flashes of Bj√∂rk during its opening trickles. As heavy percussion interrupts to begin its role as the cornerstone of every change of synth hook, sharply executed guitar riff and momentous chorus throughout Gengahr’s most exciting 3 and a half minutes yet. Its meticulous precision packs what most 7 minute songs aim to deliver upon in half the time, with a chorus that certifies ‘Never A Low’ as the first truly great track of the new decade.

Gengahr’s third LP “Sanctuary” is out January 31st, via Liberator Music.

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