What’s Good This Week #50

Post-holiday blues and the lack of motivation that loiters around January’s never-ending day’s fuels What’s Good This Week, with brutal piano pieces bringing in the sadness and queer bedroom-pop and aspiring folk and indie rock aiming to help claw your way out of the winter darkness.

Faye – Heat

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Faye Bordewin (known artistically as Faye) is on track for producing the most heartbreaking single of the year, even if it is only January. ‘Heat’ is a reflective look inward at herself, as Faye apologies endlessly for everything she does, while dreaming of being her own source of courage to stand up against her biggest bully, herself. Bordewin is ruthless with her self-attack, executed with haunting piano melodies and vocals that are devastatingly pure, yet malignant with their words, falling gracefully with their sharpened edges. It’s brutal and unforgiving in nature, yet ‘Heat’ will find comfort with those who have been just as mercilessly attacked.

Happyness – Vegetable

The queer, post twynk duo are back with their first new music in three years, as well as an April UK tour. ‘Vegetable’ is a hazy, fuzzed-up slice of dream/bedroom-rock, typically Happyness in sound but tuned into a slightly new, unfiltered frequency that is unapologetically queer as fuck. Ash is unapologetic with how sensual they portray themselves throughout ‘Vegetables’ technicolour, multi-lensed video, while Jonny delivers you back to 2014 and the golden era of DIY, reverb-drenched, slacker-pop.

Charli Adams – Cloverland Drive

Taken from her upcoming “Good At Being Young” EP, out next Friday (31st January), Charli Adams delivers a beautiful love letter to her home of Nashville on ‘Cloverland Drive’ the cross street she’s lived on since moving there at 17. Aiming to envoke the feeling of being young, ‘Cloverland Drive’ is a blissful display of dusty folk-rock, unfiltered and left to its own devices, allowing Adams emotions to come pouring through and for us to fall completely in love with what sounds like coming home.

October Drift – Oh The Silence

The final single from their debut “Forever Whatever” LP, out tomorrow, October Drift go supersonic on ‘Oh The Silence’, heading straight for the main stages of festivals all over Europe. That classic indie rock sound is something that never ceases to get the hairs on your arms raising, but, October Drift get that same affect out of you, with indie rock that isn’t quite what you’re used to. ‘Oh The Silence’ feels like a welcome back to the world of indie rock before it became over-saturated, a true display of what the term indie-rock, should sound like.

El Mañana – Lejos

Escaping the comfort of regularity and making that leap into the unknown, El Mañana is soaring high on the rocketing shoegaze of ‘Lejos’. A whirlwind two minutes takes ‘Lejos’ from the whispy realms of chill-beach-rock, into the kaleidoscopic storm of indie rock, colliding ruthlessly into the luscious droopy world of shoegaze. El Mañana is proving to be an unstoppable force of shoegaze-rock with their previous releases ‘Seasons’ and ‘Gota En El Mar’, now adding ‘Lejos’ to the LA natives impressive track-record.

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