FHAT – Curious

The Berlin based duo are back with the scintillating allure of ‘Curious’, a post-disco, midnight adventure.

Dimly lit motel lights with the inviting hue of warming amber set the mood for FHAT’s latest track, as the pair set about divulging into the possibilities of a late nights settings. Crafting mellow disco-funk into a seductive night time pop banger; FHAT breathe new air into the sexual ambience genre, as the queer duo ready themselves to set the mood for queer encounters all over the world. With sexual desire standing at the forefront of FHAT’S current songwriting, dusted with light synths that are as equally suggestive as FHAT’s lyrics, ‘Curious’ is the latest part of an anthology on queer living that many will be thankful to come across, now and in the future.