What’s Good This Week #51

Pop, punk and sad-bangers, there’s a perfect mix of upbeat and downtempo to get lost into on What’s Good This Week.

Rina Sawayama – Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)

As well as announcing her debut LP “SAWAYAMA” (out in April), Rina Sawayama shared another pop banger with ‘Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)’. A bass-heavy, post-house beat sets the flow for ‘Comme’ as Sawayama sinks her teeth into another sub-pop genre, a sharp turn away from the metal-influenced ‘STFU!’ Influenced by confident gay men around the world; the Londoner utilises her ’90s styled flare to exude an unquestionable level of confidence, on this ’00s influenced dancefloor banger.

Sløtface – Tap the pack

Rambunctious Norway punk rockers Sløtface are releasing “Sorry For The Late Reply” tomorrow, with ‘Tap the pack’ the last single to be taken from their upcoming sophomore LP. A rapid flurry of jutting guitar riffs and smart ’00s breaks throws ‘Tap the pack’ into a whirlwind of punk rock delights; forever changing pace and direction while charging ferociously on a path to destruction that’s made to be celebrated.

Glassio – Are You Having Fun Without Me?

The new-wave project of Queens, NY-based, Irish-Iranian artist Sam R. Tinged, Glassio shared a delightful new track with ‘Are You Having Fun Without Me?’. Self-labelled as ‘melancholic disco’, Glassio’s latest work looks introspectively at friends that have come and gone throughout a childhood of moving around with his family. A sprinkling of glittering synths and optimistic beats allow ‘Are You Having Fun Without Me?’ to be the late-night emotional rollercoaster we love to hear, taking you from euphoric heights to existential dread in a matter of seconds.

Heir – Gonna Be Gold

The ’80s pop sound of Heir is back, with new track ‘Gonna Be Gold’. Described as the opening scene to your favourite ’80s blockbuster, Heir go for total optimistic pop on ‘Gonna Be Gold’, blasting out the positive vibes nonstop. Bursting with sharp synths and a chorus that is screaming out for its own dance break; Heir produces yet another stellar pop track on ‘Gonna Be Gold’.

Ella M – Myself

‘Myself’ is the latest track from LA-based Brit, Ella M, a luscious R’n’B influenced track on isolation in new environments. Having focused on her music from the word go since moving to LA, Ella M has found herself in a whole new environment, seemingly on her own. ‘Myself’ flows with a steady rhythm of R’n’B, trap-esque beats, melancholic in tone, with her vocals layered over to create an illustrious and intimate vibe. Plus 20% of all proceeds will go directly towards helping the fight against sexual violence through RAINN.

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