What’s Good This Week #52

I’m in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, so this week is filled with chaotic sounding tracks, ambiguous pop and some ‘Existential Dread’.

Mush – Existential Dread

Stating themselves as unofficially Yorkshire’s most anxious band, Leeds’ Mush freakout during a hangover on ‘Existential Dread’. Taken from their debut LP “3D Routine” (out Friday 14th), Mush jitter between ’60s rock ‘n’ roll and ’90s grunge on ‘Existential Dread’, running back to safety in the current decade of mental health deterioration, before repeating this route of chaos repeatedly. Coming in at just under 3 minutes, Mush pack in an eventful collaboration of genres from throughout the decades, helping mask their ‘Existential Dread’ behind a guise of well-crafted jitter-rock.

Long Legged Creatures – CMAD

Any Leeds locals will likely of heard of Long Legged Creatures by now, thanks to their destructive mix of jazz and electronica, wound tightly around sub-genres of jazz fusion, funk and psychedelic-post-punk. Plastered with labels, Long Legged Creatures simply put will leave you absolute rajed. ‘CMAD’ is filled with nuances that collectively form into monstrous mind-fucks of sound, traversing through a mist of subtle electronica, before plummeting into a swamp of dirty, techno beats. If you want to leave the world behind for a moment and go on a journey, strap yourself in and get lost in ‘CMAD’.

Plastic Sun – Talking About You Man

A melting pot of late ’80s indie and early ’90s prog-rock, London’s Plastic Sun turn a piercing glare onto us, fellow men, condemning sexism with vocalist Josh Woo asking “are we not sick of this yet, I can only imagine how sick of it women must be?”. ‘Talking About You Man’ sticks to a scatterd synth and momentous drumbeat to bring Woo’s message to the forefront of your attention, with his backdrop sounding borderline chaotic and angry, helping to emphasis the serious nature that lies within Plastic Sun’s latest effort.

Kush K – Forever Only

Taken from their debut LP “Lotophagi”, out in April, Swiss psych/garage/folk trio Kush K released a warped ’60s styled track that sounds like The Beatles clashing with Jefferson Airplane titled ‘Forever Only’. Grooving along to a steady stack of plucked bass notes and a sweet folk-rock beat, Kush K roll from sweet folk, to biting garage rock in a snap, making ‘Forever Only’ a journey through time, picking out only the best bits.

Aiko – Bad Influence

Alena Shirmanova-Kostebelova, also known by Aiko, is a symbol of Europe’s multitude of culture in music. Born in Moscow, Russia, while being raised in the Czech Republic and now residing in London, Aiko’s move across the continent has found her latest single ‘Bad Influence’ juxtaposed to the standards of Western pop music. There’s a delicate balance of light-hearted electronica clashing with darker rooted lyrics, stating “we’re the ones your parents warned you about// we’re the bad influence”. Aiko doesn’t shy away from her non-conforming nature, instead, encouraging us all to join her for a more exciting ride, that will shine a new light on European-pop music.

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