moa moa – Yellow Jacket

A new addition to the exciting new London bands list, moa moa’s debut ‘Yellow Jacket’ is an exciting mix of fuzzed-up pop music riding a wave of prog-psych manipulation.

With themes centred around love, jealousy and struggling with intimacy; ‘Yellow Jacket’ is that symbolic shift in potential relationship status; unravelling underneath layers of self-doubt and lacking self-love. A consistently crunchy bass fuels the rising flames of a failing intimacy on moa moa’s debut; as James Ratcliffe sails away on a back and forth conversation, as Person A succumbs to crippling jealousy: “Why is he in your phone, as Hunny-Hunny B?”; while Person B struggles with coming to terms with their own feelings: “It means I’m learning how to feel, real love, for myself”.

‘Yellow Jacket’ flirts with psychedelic tendencies equally pursuing other options in the form of lo-fi and garage-pop, as this mangled display of pop music shares a common theme that most will have been in, either as Person A or B.

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