What’s Good This Week #56

KEYAH/BLU – If You Know

London’s South-east scene continues to be at the forefront of the UK music scene, as KEYAH/BLU steps into electronic samples on ‘If You Know’. Speaking about the track KEYAH/BLU explains: “If You Know is dealing with your shit in a dark room and saying ‘this is me and I’m okay with that”. The intro of low, hollowed-out hypnotic drones radiate this vibe, before the South-east artist quickly ventures into her mind and expressing her incredible talent. ‘If You Know’ you know exactly what KEYAH/BLU is doing here and the whole of the UK should be vibing along to this over the year.

Cayley Thomas – Two Minds

Canadian artist Cayley Thomas shares her latest single ‘Two Minds’, taken from her forthcoming album, “How Else Can I Tell You?”. Conflicting optimism fills Thomas’ work on ‘Two Minds’, depicting the challenge of silencing that punishing internal dialogue and rising above your inner-saboteur to stay motivated. The track is a summery blast of cool air, helping you get back to an enjoyable state, rather than amping you up to lay on the edge of burnout.

Giveon – Heartbreak Anniversary

The Long Beach-based R&B artist secured a feature on Drake’s ‘Chicago Freestyle’ last week, yet it will be his own work that speaks volumes for him. ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ moves through the ebb and flow of R’n’B over the last decade, with Giveon’s vocals standing centre stage as he pours out emotions that are as equally soul-breaking, as they are overwhelming and awe-inspiring. Topped with backing vocals drowned out in reverb, you’d swear that Frank Ocean had produced this track.

American Studies – Panama City Blues

A reworking of the original from Larry and the Loafers; Birmingham, AL, duo American Studies give the 1960’s track a 21st-century makeover. A melancholic breakup song in its day set at a beach party, now transformed into a warped, jazz-fuelled hit. On ‘Panama City Blues’ the melancholy is lost and enticing energy from overloaded vocals, high on reverb steps in to take its place; shifting the tide of the ’60s heartbreak into the posthumous roaring ’20s.

Radars – Same Page

An indie-rock quintet from Hull, Radars influences span from the heroes of late ’00s, early ’10s UK indie, however, on ‘Same Page’, their most notable sound appears to be from rock and emo. Diving into ‘Same Page’ I expected jangly guitars and smooth vocals, and instead was greeted with something much better. There’s doses of Brandon Urie in Jack Moxon’s vocals at times, going all the way to Dave Grohl later on, while Dave Measom, Sam Campbell, Joe Worrall pull a fantastic display of vicious indie rock that wants to get you jumping about, rather than that half-arsed sway that a lot of bands induce.


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