Yip Roc – K-Hole (Premiere)

Dutch group Yip Roc recite losing your jaw waiting in a Febo for fries on ‘K-Hole’ banger.

The last single to be taken from Yip Roc’s upcoming EP, ‘K-Hole’ is as discrete as anyone who’s found themselves in one; mixing narcotics with troubling relationships. The Dutch group turn this display of melting mentality into an enticing story; piecing together garage rock riffs with the other-worldliness of psych-rock and its slick rhythms, quickly twisting the realms of reality into a distorted mess of fiction and madness.

As legs turn into concrete and the idea of french fries sounds like the lottery jackpot being placed in your palms, ‘K-Hole’ quickly descends down the path of no-return, as reality is no longer a contributing factor. All stimulating factors roll into one chaotic pot of psych-garage hell as said potatoes become demonic entities and ‘K-Hole’ shifts from a killer drug-fueled anthem into a terrifying monster that would send you complete west if you were actually in a k-hole.