What’s Good This Week #57

Well *lets out a huge sigh of exacerbation*, let’s fixate on something else rather than the C-word. There’s some gorgeous music on What’s Good This Week, some to get lost in and some that capture the current global mood, with a message to keep up those fighting spirits and hope.

Gleemer – TTX

The first release from their upcoming LP “Down Through”, expected in Spring this year, Colorado’s Gleemer return with a glorious moment during twilight on ‘TTX’. The dream-pop group lead by Corey Coffman steps further into folk-tinged alt-pop, carrying their dreamy vibes alongside their newfound level of clarity and classic American rock, heading towards the timeless style of The Smashing Pumpkins. Through their sombre tones and melodic style, Gleemer remains a solid case of comfort for many on ‘TTX’.

Grizzly Coast – Forever

“I won’t be on my own forever” feels like a line we all need to remember right now, and Toronto’s Grizzly Coast is reminding us all that even during the worst of times, it won’t be like this forever. A beautiful array of transcendent guitars, dreamy and fluid in movement, fills ‘Forever’ in an auburn shaded haze that’s warm and inviting while equally striking and awe-inspiring. It’s a track which those who are single will find great comfort in, while those loved up will get lost in ‘Forever’s dreamy melodies.

Keir – Live This Way

A future powerhouse in the world of pop, Keir is delivering the goods on his latest work ‘Live This Way’. Describing the track as “a human song about freedom, breaking down barriers and ridding yourself of the chaos and the doubt”, Keir blasts out anthemic choruses that carry the essence of classic blues, impactful and precise, delivering a weighted blow of immense proportions throughout the whole of ‘Live This Way’.

Lea Porcelain – Future Hurry Slow

The Berlin duo will forever have a knack for filling their post-punk style with existentialism that can freeze you to your core, while equally feeling comforting and easy to get lost in. On ‘Future Hurry Slow’ Lea Porcelain depicts cracks in the floorboards of which a relationship is resting upon, knowing that it all could fall apart in a moment, but holding out hope that this turbulent moment will pass. A solemn moment turns into pure beauty that is transfixing and a reminded of this duo’s immense talent.

Matthew Barton – Fag

Now to close this week’s edition off, a queer uprising anthem from Matthew Barton, titled ‘Fag’. Seizing the power of the slanderous term and reclaiming it as a call to arms of sorts, Barton’s work on ‘Fag’ channels that of previously featured act Naz & Ella, with a touch of Perfume Genius’ unapologetic attitude and Ezra Furman’s unwavering queerness. At such a politically volatile time, Barton’s reclamation of ‘Fag’ is a reminder of the unstoppable power of queer artists the world over and how together we can change anything.

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