Slyrydes – I Claim to be Intelligent

The Galway outfit shared ‘I Claim to be Intelligent’ last month, a heavy-hitting fist of halting punk rock.

Following a run of singles last year with ‘Out Patience’, ‘Dangerous Animals and ‘Point Of View’; the Irish group’s latest work is a cut above the rest, bleeding top-notch punk from the word go. The video for ‘I Claim to be Intelligent’ is just as gritty and point-blanc as their music, baring gritted teeth as personal conflicts play havoc with the inner workings of the mind. Bleeding out through ferocious self-destruction rooted in inner turmoil, a steady stream of red plasters grey walls, visually striking and birthing a need to both help those in need and seek personal-help when the underlying message of Slyrydes work hits.

With the current situation of the world, Slyrydes message of deconstructing mental health attitudes and utilising the abrasive nature of punk to reflect personal struggles is something that could potentially be life-changing for punk fans everywhere.

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