What’s Good This Week #62

This weeks edition of What’s Good just so happens to be on my birthday, so the artists below are personal favourites that I’ve had on repeat, enjoy!

Rina Sawayama – Paradisin’

If you’re not currently on the “Sawayama” hype, then why not? The London artist’s official debut LP came out last week and ‘Paradisin” is one of the many sublime tracks from the album. High energy, ’80s car-ride anthems come to mind once Rina lets loose on ‘Paradisin”, throwing more at you than Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. It’s fast-paced, queer-centric pop that will be fuelling the playlists of every pop fan the world over this year.

Moaning – Running

The L.A post-punk trio scored the #2 spot on our end of the year list in 2018, and “Uneasy Laughter” is already looking set for a similar position. On ‘Running’, Moaning’s well-grounded take on post-punk finds new energy, with pop influences as clear as the grunge elements that seep through a number of the LP’s tracks. It’s arguably their most singable song to date, succeeding in casting pop facades over pristine post-punk.

The Wants – Ape Trap

The moment that industrial styled siren rings, ‘Ape Trap’ sends a signal to strap in for post-punk fans everywhere. The Brooklyn trio’s debut effort “Container’ is filled with delights for art-pop loving punk fans, those who are always looking for bridges to meld in-between genres. ‘Ape Trap’ captures this double-sided mirror, reflecting high art functionality with straight to the point post-punk that allows fans to feel a bit darker or more willing to dance, depending on their persuasion.

Christine and the Queens – Mountains (We Met)

“La Vita Nuova” and its full-scale mini-movie will undoubtedly be among the top picks for the end of year lists, as Christine and the Queens further cement the idea that the French artist is one of pop’s greatest forces of the current century. ‘Mountains (We Met)’ with its simple performance and crystal clear execution marked the illustrious scenes that Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier has such ease in creating repeatedly, with consistently new and exciting forms.

Zooni – Dissolve

Brighton art-pop group Zooni were going to be one of my top picks for this years Live at Leeds (and will be if we’re allowed out in November!) and ‘Dissolve’ is a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with their sophisticated style. Rolling in with chugging percussion and an alluring bass hook, Zooni’s cinematic style expands immensely as ‘Dissolve’s chorus hits like a star going supernova. Much more of an experience than just a single, Zooni continues to blow my expectations out of the water with ‘Dissolve’.

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