What’s Good This Week #63

What’s Good This Week: Dream Pop. Women. Power. Sarcasm. A fuck you to men and industry know it alls. Leeds music. A song that sounds like SoundCloud in its prime.

Silk Cinema – I’m Found

Imagine it’s 1983 and you’re on the West Coast. There’s a pop-renaissance currently happening. You’ve been hoping that special someone will eventually feel the same way about you. It’s 6pm and the golden hour is calling you to go drive. Your love finally appears and now you’re riding down the Pacific Coast Highway to sublime dream-pop all while the sun slowly sinks into the Pacific Ocean. Then you open your eyes and realise that a duo from London just made you forget about the constraints surrounding your current life, transporting you to a moment of pure bliss.

Angela Sclafani – Make A Monster

NYC artist Angela Sclafani has that sense of importance radiating from her on ‘Make A Monster’, much like contemporary stars Christine and the Queens, Rosie Carney or Cold Specks’ Ladan Hussein. A slow arching bridge guides you into Sclafani’s four-minute behemoth, surrounded by an intriguing fog that only encourages you to delve deeper inwards to this charmingly deceiving song. The New Yorkers’ ambiguous lyrics allows two paths to be formed from her melodic indie-folk style, one met with bright-eyed lovers, the other with an enchanting powerful woman. Whichever path you choose, you’re in for a real treat.

Hinds – Just Like Kids (Miau)

Spanish girl band Hinds delivers another slice of their upcoming “The Prettiest Curse” LP, letting the world know how sick and tired they are about receiving ‘advice’ on their girl band with ‘Just Like Kids (Miau). On their latest track, Hinds continues to be their authentic selves utilising an amalgamation of ’90s pop and ’00s indie rock, under the rays of Cali-surf-rock and Iberian-Spanish stylings. In typical Hinds style, it’s a big fuck you that sounds anything but angry, instead, the Spanish group continue to be masters of sarcastic facades that any female artist will strongly relate to.

Eades – Same Guy

Now for Leeds. Hailing from the music capital of the UK (at least in my opinion), Eades is the latest Leeds group to walk onto the evergrowing indie scene. A five-piece comprised of two members from fellow Leeds group Far Caspian, Eades latest track ‘Same Guy’ is a New-wave inspired, coming of age track with influences also from Bollywood. Beginning as bassist Dave Lancaster directing Eades sound down a different route, ‘Same Guy’ is a perfect summary of Leeds music scene as a whole, reflecting the vast array of styles that Eades have at their disposal.

emawk – 18

Remember SoundCloud in 2009 when 100k plays on a track were mind-blowing? Well, American artist emawk is ready to send you back to the beginning of the music-streaming era with ’18’. Laid-back, bare-boned and hiding behind nothing but his own style and lyrics, emawk’s take on R’n’B-trap is refreshingly nostalgia-filled. Sounding like the track that you planned to play to your first love when you were fourteen, ’18’ goes through the trials and tribulations of young love, spanning from 13 to 18 in this flashback to the SoundCloud hidden-gems era.

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