What’s Good This Week #64

Ideas about escaping, reliving the normality of the past, cloaked in a veil of pop music that reveals a charming folk visage. What’s good this week is aspiring to be in better times.

Lucky Iris – Glitter Vision

Leeds group Lucky Iris was one of the few groups who reached out last Friday when Bandcamp had waived their fees, asking people to check out their music. I did just that and found an EP based around a night out, filled with high-quality pop music. ‘Glitter Vision’ captures that moment where the music really starts hitting and your limbs are no longer yours to control, moving only to the beat of the music. With carefully laid out beats egging you on to snap and gradually 2-step, ‘Glitter Vision’ is a delightful reminder of more carefree times.

Le Couleur – Silenzio

Montreal based Le Couleur combine ’70s disco-pop together with nu-disco stylings and psych influences on their irresistible new track ‘Silenzio’. Arising from chaos to crystal clear skies; ‘Silenzio’ succeeds in producing high-calibre facade-pop, masquerading as bright and cheery pop music, when themes circulated around death and betrayal are at the forefront on Le Couleur’s work. ‘Silenzio’s mixture of heavier themes with its lighter musical influences is perfect for the upcoming Summer weather.

Titus Haug – Thinking of You

Another Bandcamp day finds, San Diego based artist Titus Haug delivers a splendid display of charming folk on ‘Thinking of You’. No mystery lies behind Haug’s words on ‘Thinking of You’, boldly laying out his thoughts and desires for all to witness, seeking only the affection of a certain someone. While a cascade of acoustic guitars, light percussion and gentle taps act as ‘Thinking of You’s backdrop, Haug’s lyrics deliver a dreamy love story that is a joy to listen to.

Matthew Barton – Christie Christie

Following up his call to arms on previous track ‘Fag’, Matthew Barton’s follow up ‘Christie Christie’ is a pre-lockdown song about escape, flight and yearning, more relevant now than previously imagined. In a battle of two minds, Barton’s yearning for escapism depicts the excitement of dreaming against the comfort of staying put, rooted in underlying fear. As suave ’50s rock plays out with a sneering bass-hook to start, ‘Christie Christie’ sounds dirty and mischievous from the jump, capturing both sides of fight or flight within Barton’s conflicting lyrics and instrumentation.

Temsuclover – Dumplings for the sad

For a while now, Soundcloud has been rolling out a Made for You playlist, utilising algorithms to share tracks they think are 100% you. So far, I’ve found a few gems and Temsuclover is definitely one of these. Hailing from the Nagaland region of India, Temsuclover’s ‘Dumplings for the sad’, is a beautifully pure track, centred around her vocals and ukulele plucking. Steady and calm, Temsuclover’s lyrics saunter around ideas of change and stability, questioning whether to follow her heart or get in her car, all while captivated in a luscious, dreamy-folk landscape that is perfect to get lost in.

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