What’s Good This Week #65

Despite my absence,  there has been an abundance of high-calibre music that needs sharing immediately.

Crystal Murray – Easy Like Before

Parisian artist and Because Music signee Crystal Murray is already showing immense potential at the age of eighteen with her debut EP “I Was Wrong” and tracks such as ‘Easy Like Before’. A fusion of Parisian Electro with Chicago House, classic soul elements and jazz influences; Murray’s work spans generations of influences, melted into a delectable pot of nu-jazz inspired house music. The intelligence of Jamila Woods flows through ‘Easy Like Before’ as the Parisian artists sophisticated genre-blending shines through with unfathomable finesse.

Moses Sumney – Bless Me (before you go)

Taken from his recently released LP “Græ”, Ashville based Moses Sumney’s latest single ‘Bless Me (before you go)’, is an ethereal bounty of dream-pop heaven. A seven-minute blast of spiralling white light, traversing the climb towards a heavenly unknown; the magnitude of Sumney’s presence on ‘Bless Me’ feels as though your oldest friend has come to carry you away into a blissful paradise far from reality. The power in Sumney’s vulnerability on ‘Bless Me’ feels otherworldly and far beyond the modern constraints of contemporary dream-pop.

Munky – Closed Door Policy

Previously featured Dublin group Munky, released ‘Closed Door Policy’ last month, pushed ahead of it’s original later release, due to tour cancellations due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Coincidentally, ‘Closed Door Policy’ focuses in on isolating oneself from others, for fear of overexposing yourself and growing stale. A slick display of country fuelled rock n roll fills ‘Closed Door Policy’ with a brooding charm that brings isolation back to a sense of self-preservation, instead of its current status of global requirement.

Girlhood – The Love I Need

It’s nothing but good vibes on Girlhood’s latest track ‘The Love I Need’, inspired by global elements of soul and hip-hop with a British tinge. The London based duo finished recording their debut LP late last year, soon to be released via Team Talk Records, with ‘The Love I Need’ the first song to be birthed and the last to finished. Celebrating an array of influences from The Avalanches to Fugees, Girlhood’s latest is a culmination of soul and blues-influenced hip-pop that sounds quintessentially British and reflects the true beauty that lies within the people of the UK.

Café Spice – She Loves and Leaves

Finally, Manchester group Café Spice share ‘She Loves and Leaves’, depicting being confused by your feelings and frightened by somebody’s love. A somewhat pensive mood floats around the melancholic undertones of ‘She Loves and Leaves’ as Café Spice adventure down the multilane journey of love and all its emotions. A charming folk exterior allows Café Spice all the breathing room they need to allow the sad vibes of She Loves and Leaves to feel much less weighted down and open to aspiring optimism.

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