What’s Good This Week #66

Smooth rhythms, challenging genre conventions and truly sophisticated displays of genre-blending; What’s Good This Week is an array of R’n’B, pop and electronica at it’s finest.

Natalie Gardiner – Forever

This weeks selection begins with a true gem from the Bandcamp vaults. Swedish artist Natalie Gardiner has been releasing a series of EP’s since April, titled “4”, “5” and now “6”, the latter being from which the track ‘Forever’ is taken from. Running just under five minutes ‘Forever’ balances impactful rhythms with Gardiner’s enticing vocals for a never-ending supply of beyond chilled-out soul. A beautiful slice of Spring blooming into life; Gardiner’s soulful display of smooth R’n’B feels weightless and is a true blessing for those days where you want to do nothing but watch the world go by.

Evenson – SOS

A relative newcomer to the music scene, American artist Evenson uses influences that span from Kid Cudi to Charli XCX on his newest single ‘SOS’. Evenson’s title of ‘SOS’ may have you thinking that his latest track is a call for help, but it’s far from that. Speaking about his work, Evenson states “Being black and making Indie Pop music doesn’t necessarily fit the mould” and that’s where ‘SOS’s strengths shine through. The usual blending of R’n’B and pop is amplified further by veracious lyricism and electronic influences that bring a sharp edge to the rounded world of Indie Pop, challenging conventions of what Indie Pop music can truly be.

Lianne La Havas – Can’t Fight

The third single to be taken from her upcoming self-titled LP, Lianne La Havas is as on point as ever with ‘Can’t Fight’. An ode to the push-pull of a relationship that is struggling to find its natural equilibrium, ‘Can’t Fight’ demonstrates this struggling balance, with the beginning of delicate guitar plucking battling it out against an evergrowing plethora of bass, percussion and Havas’ ever-boldening vocals towards the end of the track. Playing out to calming harmonies and gradually slowing guitars, Lianne La Havas delivers yet another future classic.

VEDA BLACK – Call It Love

South London based VEDA BLACK shared the latest single from her upcoming “Sad Girls Club” EP, titled ‘Call It Love’. A sophisticated blend of R’n’B, indie and even lo-fi, VEDA BLACK’s latest effort calls to early and mid-’00s R’n’B back when genre-blending was seamless and damn near poetic. If you could imagine Ashanti collaborating with Ray BLK, ‘Call It Love’ utilises classic R’n’B styling with modern lyricism and genre adaptations, creating a smooth R’n’B track that even the strictest rock fans would have trouble not falling completely in love with.

Tony Njoku – </3

If Tony Njoku ever releases a bad track then that’ll be a world that I don’t want to be a part of. The London artist follows up his previous release from upcoming EP “Justine” with the energetic ecstatics of ‘</3’, a true clustering of electronica and R’n’B elements. Melding together trap styling with rapid-fire, acid house, doused with intelligent R’n’B verses; Njoku exceeds his own boldness with erratic sample manipulations on ‘</3’ traversing the chaotic landscape of broken trust in love, struggling to break free from the chaos of heartbreak.

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