Seraphina Simone – Cherry

Dismantling mass consumerism may seem a gargantuan task, but, Seraphina Simone utilises her sweetness on ‘Cherry’ to deliver a deadly blow to the ideals of the American Dream.

“Coat me in sugar, so I slip down sweet”, Simone goes straight for the jugular on ‘Cherry’, depicting easy to swallow pills and brightly coloured packaging, challenging what we’re made to believe will make us happy and asking, will it really? Tied to names such as Terence Trent D’Arby (her father), Christie Hynde and even Prince; Simone’s star-studded childhood has empowered her to reach far beyond what most young pop artists will.

Speaking about the track, Simone explains: “ ‘Cherry’ is the voice in our heads telling us we don’t have enough, telling us to want more, buy more, be richer, be thinner, be prettier, be better than everyone else. It’s that sarky bitch who’s really mean to you and you hate her but you also kind of want to be her best friend because she’s perfect and you’re a mess”.

‘Cherry’s bold narrative is bolstered further by a smart influx of sounds from the get-go, with a pop of a can and wobbling synth hook delivering a smart and intense wave of ’80s inspired pop, flowing effortlessly throughout its three minutes. Equal parts powerful and enchanting, ‘Cherry’ walks the same path as London artists Jorga Smith, Loyel Carner or New Zealand’s Lorde, crafting music fuelled by personal battles and a desire for change, an anthem for Gen Z’ers who are ready to tackle the world head-on.

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