Dirty Nice – Sunshine End Times

The world may appear as if each day is bringing us closer to a COVID-19 vs Trump, end of the world finale, but, the internet has other plans, especially internet culture-inspired duo Dirty Nice with ‘Sunshine End Times’.

Split between London and Bournemouth, Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson’s work under Dirty Nice is the personification of teenage years spent indulging in the many realms of the internet. Dirty Nice’s alt-pop style cascades through the golden years of Tumblr aesthetic, the secret gems of MrSuicideSheep and the ’10s shining star, vaporware, creating a brightly coloured summer-pop hit. Differing from their previous release ‘My Dead End Self’, Dirty Nice’s latest effort is plunged into the world of online pop and inspired by the darker times of current; reaching out with a message of wanting support through this turbulent year. Wholesome vibes mixed with pure-catchy pop will find even the internet’s edgelords struggling not to secretly love ‘Sunshine End Times.

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