Thyla – Fade

Brighton four-piece Thyla is back with the first release since their “Everything At Once” EP, sharing the hypnotic sound of ‘Fade’.

From one chapter to another and then another, the never-ending supply of energy from Thyla over the last five years has ensured that longevity will never be an issue for the dream-rockers, especially when it comes to delivering sweeping, rock hits. ‘Fade’ is the latest in a long line of Thyla hits that secures both heavy, gargantuan styled rock, while achieving the effortless allure of pristine dream pop with weightless melodies. It’s not a return to form but rather a return to the impeccable standards of Thyla, aka, Millie Duthie working flawlessly with the storm that is Danny, Dan and Mitch. A maelstrom of shoegaze collides with the calming aura of dreampop on ‘Fade’, achieving that euphoric sound which Thyla do so well and leaving us even more hungry for their debut LP.

Whether it’s another five years until Thyla-LP1 comes out or even 2021, Duthie and co’s standards with each new release will ensure that the wait will be just as exciting as a full debut.

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