Fialta – Omg

Californian four-piece Fialta, divert from their usual course of west-coast synth pop, to more classic, rock influenced sounds on ‘Omg’.

A song titled ‘Omg’ influenced by classic rock, may abruptly juxtapose itself, however, Fialta succeed in utilising these somewhat polar opposites to create charming parallels. Their recognised pop sound stays somewhat true throughout their latest effort, while powering through with straight forward rock-charged riffs to keep a perfect medium between gen-z/millennial pop and gen x/late-boomer rock.

It’s a happy medium influenced by ’00s nerd rock, where millenials can proudly boast about their love for a period of music that gen-z are currently falling head over heels for.

It likely won’t bridge the gap between generations, although ‘Omg’ will definitely have all generations popping along to it’s joyous delivery.

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