What’s Good This Week #72

Evenson – How Can I Sleep

American pop artist Evenson reflects on racial injustice in America and the information overload delivered over the summer months on his latest effort ‘How Can I Sleep’. Much like his previous release ‘SOS’, Evenson delivers a delightfully unexpected style with a blast of funk melded together with indie-pop, carrying the seriousness behind his lyrics like a sucker-punch ready to catch you off guard on your nth repeat, ready for that ‘oh shit’ moment that should make ‘How Can I Sleep’, worthy of a spot on several up-and-coming playlists across Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Stats – Old Flames

The second single from their upcoming LP “Powys 1999” (out November 13th), ‘Old Flames’ is “like a conversation between you and your loved one or between the trusting and jealous parts of your mind” lead vocalist Ed Seed declares. Built upon memories to create the person you are now, ‘Old Flames’ gazes back fondly in a moment of self-reflection, breathing new life into the energetic-electro sound of Stats, with a more subdued, yet equally impressive delivery.

Charli Adams – Didn’t Make It

Announcing her debut LP “Bullseye” last week, Nashville resident Charli Adams, shared the first single ‘Didn’t Make It’, a poignant look at facing harsh realities in troubled relationships. Speaking about the track, Adams’ shared that: “I wrote ‘Didn’t Make It’ about trying way too hard to be with someone and cutting your losses” An autumnal hue fills ‘Didn’t Make It’ with the late-night, 4am clustering that taunts those stuck in precarious situations with what-ifs, maybes and self-compromising deals. The dreamy, synth-pop sound alludes to only the best film-montage moments, cataloguing the brightest memories together with moments that begin to outweigh the good, on this heart-wrenching post-breakup anthem.

Andreas Moss – KUDOS

Swedish artist Andreas Moss is breaking down boundaries that all sides are not ready to handle on ‘KUDOS’. Throwing together contemporary trap and more ’00s influenced hip-hop, the openly queer artist doesn’t hold back in asserting his sexuality with pride and openly discussing sex and feeling sexy, something that even for many cis-hetero artists is still a grey area. The no-holds-barred approach that Moss delivers with his lyrics is refreshing AF and an exciting display of unapologetically queer talent.

Tolü Makay – Wild Thang

Taken from her “Being” EP, released last week, Tolü Makay’s message on ‘Wild Thang’ is one of being carefree, and being totally in love with everything that you are. The Nigerian/Irish, singer/songwriter delivers a sublimely chilled piece of R’n’B, strong with its message of self-praise and love, yet flowing effortlessly between the two, like the perfect Sunday morning good vibes that are as equally welcomed on a difficult Monday afternoon. Good vibes personified, ‘Wild Thang’ is medicine for the soul.


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