Evan Isaac – Dark Room

Pittsburgh artist Evan Isaac shares a thunderous taste of his upcoming LP, with lead single ‘Dark Room’.

Having navigated through several different bands over the past ten years, Evan Isaac’s solo career began back in 2018, now blossoming into glorious displays of high-energy pop music. Welcoming partial-isolation to bring a sense of self-enlightenment, ‘Dark Room’ is centred around the way many people feel a loss in connection and learning to be friends with oneself, depicting Isaac’s journey from bandmember to solo-artist and the creative journey along the way.

With its opening of piano chords to echo the hype of Patrick Wolf on ‘The City’; ‘Dark Room’s first notes are a nostalgic trip to the ’10s golden-era of indie pop, catapulting violently forward, back into the pulsating, stadium-sized synth-pop of the new decade from the likes of Boniface or Stats. Piecing together insatiable dance music, with big-hitting lyrics; ‘Isaac’s latest effort is a masterclass on creating chart worthy, pop-hits.

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