Rose Gray – Save Your Tears

A love of ’90s dance music culminates into Rose Gray’s reminiscent gaze back to normality on ‘Save Your Tears’.

Looking more closely back to 2019 within her lyrics, fondly remembering the joys of a real night out before 10pm curfews, lockdowns and every club being closed; ’90s UK house, club-inspired pop music is at the centre of Gray’s latest track. The energy of a late-night London, with the underground, packed to the brim carrying starry-eyed dancers towards the dancefloor, flows deep throughout ‘Save Your Tears’, capturing the ethereal sound of Ultra Naté, Massive Attack or more recently Real Lies.

Rose Gray works sublimely on ‘Save Your Tears’, capturing the optimistic, joyous spirit of London nightlife in the ’90s, with the current nostalgia-longing, sombre feel of 2020, creating a true depiction of the UK’s capital at both its emotional peaks.

“Dancing, Drinking, Talking, Thinking”

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