Sal Dulu – Girl

Following his previous release ‘B’, Sal Dulu shares another taste of his upcoming debut LP, with the alluring ‘Girl’.

The Irish producer’s love of hip-hop and soul continues to shine on his latest release featuring layered sampling, influenced by musings of late-night jazz, with every note precisely executed to sound laidback and impeccably suave. ‘Girl’ expands further upon Sal Dulu’s contemporary electronica styling, crafting downbeat background music, specifically to narrate the transitions of everyday life. The cinematic quality of Dulu’s music is as poignant as ever, with ‘Girl’ gliding across the dancefloors of restless minds seeking escapism, answering with the perfect distraction in the form of indulgent electronica.

“Xompulse” is set for release on February 19th, via Duluoz Records.

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