San Mei – In The Machine

Australian artist San Mei continues to excel with expansive displays of indie, hurtling through on ‘In The Machine’.

Following several singles last year, most recently being ‘Dakota’ and ‘Midnight’ (which made our top 20 songs of 2020); San Mei continues to experiment within the indie genre, this time expanding into heavy, synth-loaded indie rock, similar to The Cardigans on Gran Turismo.

Speaking about the track, Mei explains: ”Sometimes in life, we find ourselves just going through the motions and operating on auto-pilot, especially when life gets hard and wears us down. But don’t get lost in the process – get moving, shake it up, fight for what you want, who you want to be.”

With its cutting synths and razor-sharp guitar hooks; ‘In The Machine’ sounds like the perfect accomplice to any sci-fi/action film. Think of The Matrix or The Fifth Element and you’re on your way to a game-changer.

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