Gallant – Comeback

The Maryland artist gives a major throwback to 2000’s R’n’B with his latest single ‘Comeback’.

Taken from his soon to be released “Neptune” EP, Gallant appears set to bring about the next decade-revival, welcoming in the ’00s and the R’n’B perfection that came with it, especially the music videos. ‘Comeback’ features every bit of ’00s iconography you could think of; from flip-phones to pink scrunchies and 43″ box TVs, blink and you’ll miss the next visual nostalgia hit. The throwbacks aren’t just visual, however, rolling in with that classic acoustic guitar intro immediately bringing you back to peak Usher or Craig David (for UK listeners), before Gallant delivers a vocal cleaner than the legends themselves.

Perhaps a long-lost R’n’B classic or, just Gallant delivering A+ material, ‘Comeback’ is 00’s R’n’B down to a tee.

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