EUT – Cool

Amsterdam’s EUT shares invigorating new single ‘Cool’, taken from their upcoming album “Party Time”.

Taken by Sanja Marusic

Speaking about ‘Cool’, vocalist and primary songwriter Megan de Klerk said: “‘Cool’ is about me being on the bus back home after another one of those god awful fights with a lover. Funnily enough the bus was literally going down a one way street, go figure. I slammed the door shut on that guy hoping he would come after me but, of course, he didn’t… I’m still waiting for him to show up.”

‘Cool’ welcomes in a thumping aggressive beat to battle it out with de Klerk’s contrasting vocals, playing out the anger fuelled from an argument with the calmer, analysing thoughts that take place on the bus ride home. As the track plays out, the quirks and charm of No Doubt come to mind as EUT go full ’90s US teen rom-com, swaying effortlessly along to crunchy guitar hooks and de Klerk’s captivating poise.

“Party Time” is set to be released February 19th via V2 Records


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