SLONK – Colin

Bristol’s SLONK speaks candidly about breaking out from complacency on his latest release ‘Colin’.

SLONK is the moniker of Joe Sherrin, who’s music is filled with the charmful greyness of British optimism, similar to Brit-pop legends Blur or ’00s group The Fratellis and on his latest release, FIDLAR. While the West coasts of California might be different from those of Bristol, the idea of being stuck and wanting to break out can be found anywhere across the globe.

Speaking about the track, SLONK explained: “This song came about a few years ago at a temp-job where I didn’t know (and still don’t) what I was actually doing there. I knew what type of thing I was supposed to be doing on the computer but had no idea what it meant or what its purpose was. Colin is about the idea of staying there forever, told through the eyes of the characters who I worked there with.”

‘Colin’ is a quick blast of fuzzy, lo-fi indie-rock that’s DIY and proudly so; reminding us all that it’s never too late to go for it (whatever that may be).

SLONK’s LP ‘Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?’ is out August 27th on Breakfast Records.

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