Communions – Bird of Passage

Danish duo and brothers Communion, share ‘Birds of Passage’, taken from their upcoming album, “Pure Fabrication”.

Taken by Lasse Dearman

Having shifted from a four-piece to now just brothers Mads and Martin Rehof, who spent their pre-teen years living in Seattle before moving back to Copenhagen; Communion’s identity clash in genres reflects strongly across their new LP. ‘Bird of Passage’ is a stark contrast to previous album release ‘Splendour’, with its sweeping indie riffs charged with monumentalism purposefully designed to forge memories that last a lifetime.

“’Bird of Passage’ works as the chorus for the entire record.” reflects lead singer Martin Rehof, “It centres around the idea that people constantly transform and reinterpret the past in new ways by constructing narratives around themselves. It’s about the kind of identity crisis that emerges as a natural consequence of life’s variability; of the fact that one’s self is constantly changing, never the same from one day to the next.”

The grit of Seattle’s punk and grunge scene may clash with the rise of Denmark’s burgeoning punk empire throughout the last ten years, but Communion’s marriage of their two homes is unified heavily by pop, and in doing so creates spectacular indie rock. The duo succeeds in their story of self-reflection on ‘Birds of Passage’ with true gravitas; bearing their soul for all to sink in deep with and carve a piece of themselves into, on this behemoth unification of post-punk and indie.

“Pure Fabrications is set for release on April 23rd, via Copenhagen label, Tambourhinoceros.

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