Sal Dulu – Zumo ft. Fly Anakin

Irish producer Sal Dulu shares the final single ‘Zumo’ from his upcoming LP “Xompulse”.

Collaborating with Virginia based rapper Fly Anakin, ‘Zumo’ is one of the few tracks to date from Sal Dulu, that features vocals not just from samples. As with Dulu’s previous collaborations with staHHr and Koncept Jack$on on Buzzcut and B respectively, Fly Anakin lyrics provide an enticing contrast to the lucid, near-nostalgic sound of the Irish producer’s jazz-influenced, downtempo electro. ‘Zumo’ allows Fly Anakin’s lyrics to truly take off while Dulu crafts his illustrious soundscapes, both parts equally complimentary for a near-perfect marriage on this gorgeously chilled track.

“Xompulse” is out this Friday (Feb 19th) through Sal Dulu’s own label, Duluoz Records.

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