Eades – Former Warnings Cluster

Signing to Manchester label Heist or Hit, Leeds’ group Eades share their wild new single ‘Former Warnings Cluster’.

Taken by Devon Chambers

Heist or Hit has a bit of a knack for picking groups right before they properly kick-off, so it only makes sense that Eades have decided to get a bit noisy with ‘Former Warnings Cluster’ to celebrate. Having clashed with their studio recordings compared to their live sound, Eades has sought out to get as close to the real thing on their latest single.

We’ve always felt we didn’t match our live sound, so we decided to shake up the process, recording straight to tape”  shares vocalist Harry Jordan. “This allowed us to be a lot more free with the performance, speeding up and slowing down to take the song on a bit of a journey –  there was a load of other hurdles to overcome, but I think the final product is a lot more true to who we are as a band moving forward.”

There’s a nod to Brit-rock, with a splash of manic synths courtesy of Lily Fontaine, made even more fascinatingly weird, while exploring the nightmarish landscape of the Roger Stevens Building at Leeds Uni. So while a live-gig still seems like a lifetime away for our lot in the UK, Eades are gracious enough to give us all a taste of what’s to come with ‘Former Warnings Cluster’.

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