MarthaGunn – Honest

Facing trauma head-on, MarthaGunn explores the harsher journey to personal growth with ‘Honest’.

Inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, James Blake and beyond; Brighton five-piece MarthaGunn’s songwriting skills call upon life’s hardest moments to evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort. With vocalist Abi Woodman creating a Songwriters Circle through Instagram live last year, as a means to keep musicians connected through the pandemic, MarthaGunn’s main desire is to connect. With ‘Honest’, MarthaGunn opens themselves up, to allow a new conversation to begin for those struggling to deal with their own trauma.

Explaining the story behind ‘Honest’, vocalist Abi Woodman says: “For me, ‘Honest’ is about a few things. It’s the death of the person you were before a trauma. The grief you feel, knowing that person will never exist again and that you will always see life through new eyes due to experiencing something major. It’s also about the fear of failure and the shame associated with that. The fear of not living up to your own or peoples expectations of you.”

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